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Residential School for Migrant Street Children & Child Labourers

As mining is a hazardous occupation many children become orphans and also destitute. Unable to look after themselves they are left with no choice but to get into mining or get into bonded conditions at a very early age. Thus children who are orphaned or destitute have a very tough future ahead. Due to the hazardous nature of the work within the stone quarry sector children below 18 are prohibited from working. However, children living in poverty at the age of 8 to 12 tend to be driven into mining work. The need to provide food, accommodation, educational support, medication, etc. for them was very essential. In 2003, for these needy children, Santulan initiated Residential Education Centers.

NEST for Street Children
Children living on the street and surviving by begging are basically migrants. A collaboration between Pune Municipal Corporation and Santulan initiated “Gharata” (nest) a shelter cum educational center for street children in January 2008. Over 224 children were admitted in Gharata. Most have been resettled with their parents and overall 50 to 60 children are being taken care of with food, shelter, education and health care until the age of 14.

Type Number of Children
Residential Quarry Children 75
Street Children 59
Total 134




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