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Supplementary Nutrition for Quarry Children
Due to insufficient food and an imbalanced diet many children of the stone quarry community were found to be undernourished. With hungry stomachs they were not in a state of mind to grasp or learn anything. They were observed to be unstable, failed to sit in class for extended periods of time, had poor concentration and had high rates of dropout. In the year 2001 Santulan launched its first  'Mid-Day Meal' program at Wagholi stone quarry unit in the Pune district. In each stone quarry unit a trained chef was appointed who prepared a fixed menu and supplied food to all of the centers within the unit from Monday to Saturday. As an effect of the nutrition program the children's health condition has improved.
There is a proportionate growth in weight and height. The frequency of children falling sick has reduced and attendance has improved. Children are progressing well in their studies and sports.




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