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iPledg Crowd Funding for Residential School Project    
Some friends in Australia are helping to raise money for our Residential School project in Kolhapur. If the target is reached the money will go towards the construction and/or fit out of a residential school for quarry children. Anyone can donate from anywhere in the world. All you need is a PayPal account which you can set up here:  PayPal
Please help brighten the future of these children by adding your donation at:  iPledg

Residential Schools    
In spite of the positive impact of Pashan Shalas, challenges still exist for quarry children.
    Many children are orphaned and lack suitable care.
    Many children migrate continuously with their families in search of work as quarries close and new ones open. Unfortunately it is      not possible to provide education facilities at every colony so their education is often interrupted.
    Due to social pressures children above the age of 10 find it difficult to live in the community and remain at school.

This lack of continuity has led Santulan to move towards residential schools aimed at migrant children, child labourers, orphans and children whose parents can't support them.

Residential schools for stone quarry children will create a safe, positive environment for them to live, learn and personally develop. This will help reduce the number of child labourers, reduce the number of girls marrying at an early age and improve children's health by having them live in a safe, dust free environment with clean water and good food. Land has been acquired in 4 districts of Maharashtra for schools to be built.

Santulan depends on donations and funding to run its programs. There are a number of ways that you can provide assistance and help stone quarry children break free from the poverty cycle.

Student Sponsorship
We currently provide residential support for 75 students in Pune. These students will move to one of the new residential schools once it has been built. They are from extremely poor families whose parents can’t even afford the basic needs of their schooling such as paper and pens. The sponsorship will cover all of the items needed for the child as well as the education and boarding expenses.

Annual Support per Child per Year: Rs. 50,000
For more detail on student sponsorship please download the brochure on this page.

Building Fund
We currently have 4 sites that require development with more planned in the future. We therefore need financial support to help cover the construction cost of the residential schools and the boarding facilities. Any donation towards these costs would be greatly appreciated.

Large amounts of material, equipment and furnishings are required for the construction and fitting out of the schools and boarding facilities. Any donation of this type would be greatly appreciated.

All donations in India are tax deductible


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