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Youth Development
Stone quarry youth and adolescent girls are another ignored section of this community. Boys being lower educated and unskilled are left with no opportunity other than working in the stone quarry sector. Most of them enter the occupation as child labourers and continue with it. Girls have the responsibility of house work, taking care of their siblings and in many cases joining their parents in mining activities. Early marriage is commonly practiced. Under the youth development program the following activities are undertaken:
SkillsTraining Program
Adolescents and youth from the stone quarry community are provided with skills training in tailoring and vocational courses. Over 277 adolescents and 50 youth have received training. There is a greater need to initiate vocational courses for stone quarry children but currently a lack of resources. Considering the issues and problems faced by adolescent girls Santulan’s first priority will be to initiate a tailoring skills training center for girls.

Awareness Camps
Youth and adolescent girls of the stone quarry community have no opportunities or exposure to learning. To impart knowledge and promote ideologies, personality and leadership among stone quarry units Santulan conducts regular seminars for youth and adolescents.


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