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Future Plans & Requirements
With a decade and a half long struggle of working with the quarry communities and having experienced significant achievement, Santulan has the following future plans and requirements

Innovative Education
Extension of Pashan Shala (Quarry School) for children in stone quarry areas throughout the State.

Residential Schools

Girls and boys of migrant communities are caught up in the chains of poverty and marginalization. The main challenge in providing education to quarry children is that they are from migrant–marginalised families. Their parents regularly migrate in search of work as quarries close and new ones open. Unfortunately it is not possible to provide education facilities at every colony so their education is often interrupted. This lack of continuity has led Santulan to move towards residential schools for children. This will complement the existing Pashan Shala and is intended especially for migrant children, child labourers, orphans and children of 6 to 18 years of age. Residential schools for stone quarry children will create a safe, positive environment for them to live, learn and personally develop. This will help reduce the number of child labourers, reduce the number of girls marrying at an early age and relieve parents from the financial burden of taking care of their children.

Resource & Training Center:
A training and resource centre for Women, Youth, Workers and Change Makers aimed towards capacity building.

Mobile Health Service Clinic

A mobile clinic for the stone quarry community.

Vocational Skills Training Centerr

Poorly educated and unskilled youth will be trained in mining skills for better earnings and an improved life.

Workers Co-operatives
Development of sustainable alternative for workers through mining cooperatives.

Women’s Employment Cooperative:
Women from quarries, rural areas and slums forming alternative employment cooperatives.
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