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Achievements So Far


19 stone quarry families received 8,15,000/- rupees as claims on insurance
171 quarry children received an educational scholarship of Rs. 1,92,600/-
650 quarry community families received access to electricity
267 child labourers and street children have been rehabilitated
660 youth formed youth cooperatives
472 disputes have been amicably settled by the free legal aid cell
2,690 stone quarry families have received Ration Cards and access to the Public Food Supply
10,000 people received access to a Water Scheme under the Mining Development Fund
25,000 stone quarry workers have been insured under Janashri Bima Yojana
29,036 stone quarry children have accessed education, nutrition and healthcare
27,000 women have engaged in self-empowerment activities.

Over 500,000 people have directly and indirectly benefited from the various programs. Much more is still to be achieved.

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